Plastic Models

Global Business Department, Hobby Products Division

We are responsible for the marketing (sales, promotion, etc.) of plastic models globally in order for our customers to experience the fun of assembling plastic models and discovering new things in the process.

In order to spread the plastic model culture to more customers around the world, we sell plastic models, including those from the Gunpla series, and hold events both in person and online. We also operate THE GUNDAM BASE, an official general Gunpla facility for fans worldwide, and SIDE-F (in Gundam Park Fukuoka), which offers Gundam-related information and products.

We aim to further expand our business by branding character plastic models, including products from the Gunpla series, of which we have shipped more than 700 million units to date, as well as by taking on the challenge of creating unique IP.

Creation Department, Hobby Products Division

Based at the Bandai Hobby Center (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka), where plastic models are produced, we plan, develop, and manufacture products using advanced technological capabilities, with a focus on the Gunpla series, which continues to evolve through tireless technological development and the addition of new concept work.

Creation Department,Hobby Products Division

At the Bandai Hobby Center, we pursue the overall evolution of plastic model technology, from planning to production, while at the same time undertaking various initiatives to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
In addition to the Gunpla Recycling Project to collect the runners (plastic model frames) of Gunpla products and recycle them into new plastic models, we are also working to reuse plastic and reduce the amount we use. For some plastic models, for example, we are using new materials made primarily from limestone, eggshells or Japanese green tea leaves.
In addition, we hold Gunpla Academia* classes at elementary schools in Japan, where students can learn about the fun of manufacturing and the Gunpla production process, as well as about recycling plastic and other sustainable to global environmental issues.

  • The program was held for more than 520,000 children at a total of approximately 7,100 elementary schools (cumulative totals as of October 2021).

Figures and Robots

Collectors Toy Department

Under the consolidated brand name Tamashii Nations,
we deliver a widely varied lineup and IP developments,
as well as high quality, high value-added products to customers around the world.

We have developed around 60 brands, including Chogokin, S.H.Figuarts, and METAL BUILD, and we are promoting the expansion of our business on a global scale. In order to promote a deeper understanding of the appeal of our products and our passion for manufacturing, we are expanding the content on our official website, Tamashii Web. We also provide a membership service, CLUB TAMASHII MEMBERS.
In addition, we have expanded both in Japan and overseas with flagship stores opened in Tokyo, Shanghai, and New York, where we are focusing on providing opportunities for customers to have hands-on experiences with the actual products.

Character Lottery (Ichibankuji)

Lot & Innovation Department

We are mainly in charge of Ichibankuji, a character lottery offered at convenience stores, bookstores, hobby shops, and other locations.
Ichibankuji offers customers the fun of drawing lots and the excitement of winning.

Products of over 80 titles are released annually for Ichibankuji. By providing a wide-ranging lineup of products, we have enabled deeper and more extensive recreations of the worlds and appeal of each IP, allowing us to develop products with high levels of customer satisfaction.
Ichibankuji leads the industry with creative sales methods, such as the Last One Prize, which is obtained by drawing the last lottery ticket at a store, and the Double Chance Campaign, in which winners are selected according to the campaign number printed on the ticket. Furthermore, we operate Ichibankuji Online, where customers can enjoy the lottery online, as well as designated Ichibankuji Official Shops all over Japan. The Japan Anniversary Association has officially approved the designation of January 9 as Ichibankuji Day every year starting in 2024.

Amusement Prizes

Banpresto Department

We plan, develop, and sell prizes that are exclusive to amusement facilities and can be won at crane games and other machines.
With an emphasis on respecting the atmosphere and worlds of each IP under the Banpresto brand name,
we are always striving to achieve the top customer satisfaction in the amusement industry.

By commercializing over 1,500 figures and plush toys annually in a variety of design arrangements that can be enjoyed by a wide range of customers, we are revitalizing the market for amusement facility products by developing products in a speedy manner. In addition, online sales of Banpresto products have started at the official store e-BANPRESTO. In terms of overseas expansion, we are also focusing on expanding our business globally by customizing our product lineup for each region. We are committed to bringing Banpresto brand products into the hands of manga, anime, and game fans around the world.

E-commerce Strategy Department

We operate Premium Bandai, the official online store of the Bandai Namco Group.