1. 1950’s

    BANDAI-YA was established in Asakusa-Kikuyabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.

    Rhythm Ball, our first original product, was launched.

    The industry pioneering quality control system was established and Bandai’s first toy with product warranty was released.

  2. 1960’s

    The company name changed from BANDAI-YA to Bandai.

    Acquire a factory in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to start manufacturing plastic models.

  3. 1970’s

    CHOGOKIN MAZINGER Z was launched.

    SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO plastic model kits were launched.

  4. 1980’s

    Gunpla was launched.

    Bandai adoped “Dreams and Creation” as the corporate slogan and renewed its corporate logo to the current version.

    Launching the Iropla Series, which first introduces multi-color molding technology to mold parts in four different colors on a runner sheet for Plastic Models.

    SAINT SEIYA Saint Cloth Series (Figures) was launched.

    Launch of plastic models using the snap fit method, which enables construction without adhesive.

  5. 1990’s

    Launch of the High Grade (HG) Series, a 1/144 scale standard Gunpla brand.

    Banpresto Co., Ltd. (merged in 2019) launched the first game prizes for amusement facilities.

    Launch of the Master Grade (MG) Series, a 1/100 scale advanced Gunpla brand.

    Ichibankuji, the character lottery where everyone wins, is launched in the form of a wind machine lottery, Toru Toru Catcher Ichibankuji.

    SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-01 MAZINGER Z was launched.

    Launch of the Perfect Grade (PG) Series, the highest-grade brand that embodies the ultimate Gunpla on a scale of 1/60.

  6. 2000’s

    The first branch of the comprehensive Gunpla establishment, THE GUNDAM BASE, opened in Korea.

    Sales of Ichibankuji in its current form begins at convenience stores.

    The new figures brand based on “The SAINT SEIYA Saint Cloth series” called the “Saint Cloth Myth” was launched.

    Management integration with Namco Limited. The Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. was founded and it marked the beginning of the Bandai Namco Group.

    Operation of the Bandai Hobby Center plastic model kits production plant (Shizuoka Prefecture) began.

    GUNDAM.INFO, an official portal site for GUNDAM information is released.

    “Tamashii Nations,” a brand for mature fans, was launched.

    The “S.H.Figuarts” series of high quality posable character figures was launched.

    The Tamashii Nations figure exhibition event Tamashii Nations was held for the first time.

    The robot figure brand “THE ROBOT SPIRITS” for mature fans was launched.

    The World Collectible Figure series of game prizes were launched, based on the concept of palm-sized "treasures".

    Launch of Urban Material Chogokin Mazinger Z, an ultimate superalloy model made from carbon and titanium, which is produced to order.

    The official Premium Bandai shopping site opened.

    An 18-meter-high, Life-Sized Gundam Statue appears at the Odaiba Shiokaze Park in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the airing of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM on TV. During 52 days of exhibition, some 4.15 million people visit the park to see the statue.

  7. 2010’s

    Launch of the “OTONA NO CHOGOKIN” series, a perfectionist hobby item for mature fans, which interprets solid objects that exist (or existed) as characters and gives them an elaborate concrete form.

    Launch of the Real Grade (RG) Series, a brand that pursues a 1/144 scale Gunpla that looks realistic.

    The Ultimate Complete Robot Figure METAL BUILD Series is launched.

    The Gunpla Builders World Cup, which determines the world’s No. 1 Gunpla builder, begins.

    Premium Bandai's overseas expansion began in Hong Kong.


    Launch of the S.H. Figuarts Series, which achieves both the presence of models and their natural mobility by molding them from their skeleton.

    The Q posket series of amusement prize product figures with large eyes that shine teary were launched.

    The first official Gunpla-themed integrated facility in Japan called THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO was opened in Rinkai Fukutoshin.

    Bandai Spirits Co.,Ltd. was established.

    Launch of Figures-Rise Labo, a project to study expressions that have not yet been achieved by previous plastic models and evolve technology to achieve them.

    Established Tamashii Nations Quality, the logotype that globally certifies the quality of the products of Tamashii Nations, which unified brand for products for mature fans.

    Bandai Spirits Co., Ltd. and Banpresto Co., Ltd. merge.
    Banpresto is launched as a category brand for amusement prizes.

    Opening of TAMASHIII NATIONS TOKYO, the world’s first directly managed flagship shop for Tamashii Nations, a brand for mature fans, in Akihabara.

  8. 2020’s

    Over 700 million Gunpla units shipped to date.

    The Entry Grade (EG) series of easy to assemble, high-quality plastic models is launched.

    An original electronic money service by Premium Bandai, PREBAN Pay, started.

    Construction of a new plant at the Bandai Hobby Center with the aim of bolstering plastic model production capabilities, including GUNPLA.

    To cap the 40th anniversary of Gunpla, PERFECT GRADE UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 GUNDAM is released as the current mark of Gunpla and the ultimate Gunpla leading to the future.

    Ichibankuji ONLINE was officially launched.

    The Gunpla Recycling Project, in which Gunpla runners are collected with the aim of producing plastic model products through chemical recycling in a joint initiative with our fans, was launched.

    Gunpla Academia, educational materials that use the subject of Gunpla, was developed.
    We started offering lesson packages for elementary schools throughout Japan about the fun of manufacturing and the global environment.

    GUNDAM PARK FUKUOKA, a Gundam entertainment complex, opened at LaLaport Fukuoka.


    The Bandai Hobby Center reduces CO₂ emissions to real zero by introducing new power measures.

    The first overseas Tamashii Nations flagship store, opened in Shanghai, China.

    The world’s third Tamashii Nations store has opened in New York.

    Premium Bandai surpasses 5.55 million members in Japan.

    January 9 of every year designated as Ichibankuji Day.